blue eggs

Our friend, Tobin, left these wonderful fresh eggs at our doorstep today. (Thanks, sweet friend!)

Tobin has an amazing brood of animals at his farm including a group of quasi-exotic hens that lay glorious BLUE EGGS!!!

I have always wanted to have my very own chickens. It seems such a wholesome & natural sort of hobby. Unfortunately, chickens scare the pants off of me! When I was young, our neighbors had chickens… and guess would be asked to serve as the chicken babysitter when they were going out of town? Those hens would lose their little chicken minds when I gathered their eggs, and at feeding time the flock would scramble, ferociously attacking my feet. I bled once!

I believe my chickens would be nicer. Calmer. More sophisticated chickens. And lay little eggs in hues of blue, just like these!!

I am going to try it. One day.

For now, we live in the city limits. And I think it’s against ordinance.


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