yesterday’s salad

This is an easy little salad I make a lot to go with dinner. It’s easy to keep the ingredients in the pantry and toss it together quickly. Just eyeball the ingredient amounts for the size of salad you need. It partners great with a basic balsamic & oil dressing. Mix up your own (equal parts balsamic vinegar  & olive oil) or Newman’s Own makes a really great light balsamic dressing.

Simple Dinner Salad

Spring Greens

Dried Apricots


Goat Cheese, crumbled (optional)

Place greens in a bowl.

Julienne (thinly slice) dried apricots.

Toast walnuts in a small pan with a little cooking spray or butter on medium low heat. Sprinkle a little sugar (a teaspoon or so per handful of walnuts) over nuts and allow to caramelize. (The sugar will burn quick, so toss frequently). *see note at bottom

Crumble goat cheese over salad.

*If it makes your life easier, I recently found a package of glazed walnuts, Diamond brand, at the grocery store that had no preservatives and very few additives… just a suggestion. Toasting & caramelizing fresh walnuts is, admittedly, much better, but if you are making a big dinner, sometimes you need some shortcuts, and I promise not to judge you.

My friend, Megan, makes handsome salads. She once brought a salad very similar to this to a dinner party, but instead of dried apricots, she used fresh figs. It was absolutely wonderful! (And a brilliant use of figs when they are in season.) She is in the health field (and you’ve heard how many fruits and vegetables have nutrients which support body parts that the actual food resembles i.e.; carrots-eyes, walnuts-brain, pears-womb, tomato-heart, just amazing!). So anyway, she excitedly informed us during dinner that figs are great for testicular health! Incredible, I thought! Later, while my husband, Jasper, & I were clearing dishes, I noticed the figs on his plate were pushed to the side. I was confused. The salad was great! After questioned, he admitted the health lesson did less than inspire him to eat more figs. In fact, he couldn’t bring himself to even finish chewing the testicular health, um, I mean, fig that was in his mouth. He said he spit the thing out in the bathroom! The guy still cringes if I even look at figs in the produce section. The moral of this dinner story is, if you serve Megan’s salad and substitute the figs, don’t tell the nutritional benefits… guys don’t really care anyway.


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