sew fun!

I am crafty. People often venture to say I am an artist (okay, only my mom says that), but the dubbing ‘artist’ just doesn’t quite fit me. It’s an insult to artists. I don’t stay with any medium long enough to get even close to mastering it. I like to try different things. I have crafter’s A.D.D.  I am okay with that.

So, a new itch is being scratched. My little sister, Cassiti, & I are taking some sewing lessons. (I drag her into all kinds of projects she’s not really that interested in. She’s a good sister – she trods along.) Our family friend, Nyoka Rogers, is serving as our brave mentor. She is a great seamstress & (luckily) very patient teacher. Cassiti & I are making a skirt. The same skirt. With the same fabric. (In different colors.) We totally plan on wearing them the same day. We are dorks. That’s how we roll.

Our crafty sewing fest went on pretty late into the evening (we were really on a roll!), so we pulled into our local watering hole and had some greasy fried appetizers for dinner. We had oil dripping from our chins (and loved every minute of it!). But, I didn’t want to subject you to photos of that! So, I’ll skip food talk for today and share the photo progress of our bitchin’stitchin’ skills instead!
As you can see from this atrocious collage above, my photoshop skills are laking. Sadly, I am taking a class for that too. I’m not sure I’m fully getting it. Help!


6 Responses to “sew fun!”

  1. tonya (mom) Says:

    cassiti looks totally confused and nyoka looks like she is trying not to let ya’ll know she is laughing at ya!… sure didn’t get this from me… although, i caught your dad in a little jumper i made in Mrs. (Nyoka) Rogers’ HomeEc. class! Ha! (j/k)

  2. Winter Bass Says:

    This is why I freakin LOVE you!

  3. Trent Says:

    not really that interested in sewing, but the food looks good (i love sweet potato fries)…green eggs & ham…blue eggs & ? (maybe turkey bacon)…anyway, really just wanted to say hi…love ya

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