i think i need a tissue…

Yesterday, we did it.

We made the big purchase.


Let me back up… You see, I have this charming 1950s GE  retro-rounded-top refrigerator in my kitchen. Her name is Shirley. I fell in love with her 3 years ago when Jasper brought her home. He bought her and Rusty, our 1950s stove (with a built-in griddle!), still working & plugged in, from an old, historic home in Tishamingo. Like any love affair, our’s has had it’s flaws, but Shirley & I have made it work. I’ve compromised my need for more space. And Shirley keeps buzzing on, loudly, in my kitchen. Here’s a photo of my noisy little darling…

I love Shirley! I love how she proudly displays all our crazy magnets. I love that she has been partnered with our stove, Rusty, her entire life.

So let me tell you what has brought us to this mournful decision.

Let’s start with the freezer! Shirley’s freezer needs defrosting 5 minutes after I’ve put away my hairdryer & ice pick (My makeshift defrosting tools).

Wait, just let me show you what I’m dealing with…

It looks like a freakin’ Alaskan igloo in there, right!?! And, the ice freezes through to the underneath refrigerator which creates these long icicles that cling from the refrigerator’s ceiling. These icicles slowly melt and drip, so everything in the refrigerator has a little pool of water on it. It’s kinda gross.

Shirley’s door has an egg holder, which is convenient, but it’s not quite tall enough, so if the door is slammed, an egg topples out, and I have a slimy, yellow mess waiting for me. That’s kinda gross too.

Shirley’s bottom glass shelf split down the middle and is being held together by duct tape. The drawers are located under this duct-taped shelf, so they must strategicly (so not to damage the glass further) be shoved in and out of their spots.

Shirley shudders at the mention of a Costco trip (1950s refrigerators are tiny).

Poor Shirley is old! Poor Shirley is a dwarf! Poor Shirley really needs her freezer surgically disconnected.

So, yesterday, at Home Depot, Shirley’s shiny, big, french-door replacement was ordered & scheduled for delivery.

I’m nervous our kitchen will lose it’s charm. Jasper thinks the stainless steel giant isn’t magnetic. (Will we part with our wacky magnets?)  Little time to fret – it’s barging into our kitchen on Friday! (It does have lots of space. And a beautiful interior LED light. And adjustable shelves. And filtered ice & water in the door. And adjustable ice size! No more filling up that Brita water pitcher!! No more pools of water on the top of the sour cream container!!!) Oh, here is a photo, I can’t stand it!!

Now don’t think I’ve gone and forgotten about Shirley.

We’ve cleared her a nice dry spot in the garage.

Her only job will be to keep Jasper’s Pepsi cold.

I think she’ll like that.


One Response to “i think i need a tissue…”

  1. Chelsi Says:

    poor poor Shirley! i feel so bad for her…however your blog is crackin’ me up!

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