Pizza Stone

After my last pizza post, in all fairness & honesty, I just could not not tell you about this wonderful pizza stone. My dough didn’t rise. The crust tore in spots. I mashed in torn-off bits from the edges. The dough was waaayy too thick. And it still turned out a crispy-in-all-the-right-places success. I pass you this secret… It’s this beautiful, miraculous, ceramic genius of a pizza stone:

I got it as a wedding gift.  I have a bottom-drawer full of vases and crystal bowls and other things I never use, but this! This precious wedding gift was the best thing I never wanted!!! It’s made by Hartstone Kitchen. They call it a Bakestone. It mimics cast iron. It’s seasoned, nonstick, has radiant warmth, and is dishwasher-safe! I absolutely love it. You should definitely get one. Today.


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