Mango Lassi

I once had a brief love affair. With Indian food.

A few years ago, during college, a group of friends and I would eat at this great little Indian food restaurant several times a month. I grew to yearn for it. I loved everything about it. The smell, the music, the fushia & gold Bollywood decor. Most of all, however, I fell in love with a little smoothie called the Mango Lassi. The food was spicy, and the Mango Lassi rescued my scorched tongue more than once. It was creamy, fruity, and an absolutely delicious contrast to the savory, heavily curried Indian food.

When we were dating, I would tell Jasper, now my husband, of this exotic little rendezvous spot. Never having eaten Indian food, he showed a keen interest. I briskly made reservations. We went the next week. I was intoxicated by all the familiar smells, the bright colors, the toasted naan!  I ate with abandon. He just sat & picked at his plate. He felt it was too spicy, too fragrant, too mushy. He asked if he could order a cheeseburger. Rahul said “no, no cheeseburger” with a friendly smile. I quickly realized we were not going to share this adulation. This was not going to be our new date spot. Then, I realized I had forgotten the Mango Lassi!!! I asked Rahul to bring two. And Jasper loved it. He slurped his down and I offered the rest of mine. The complaining ceased. And we somehow finished the entire evening without a drive-thru stop. Now, I’m not telling you this and expecting you to believe this drink has any magical powers. What I am saying is that any smoothie that can replace a guy’s dinner and not get any gruff is pretty darn exceptional. It’s worth digging out the blender, trust me!

Today it made the perfect little lazy Sunday meal. Breakfast!

Mango Lassi

1 ripe mango, peeled and diced

1/4 cup fresh orange juice

1 (6 0z.) vanilla yogurt cup

2 tsp. honey or 4 tsp. sugar


Put all ingredients together in blender.

Pulse until thick and smooth.


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