(Cast-Iron Skillet) Fried Potatoes

My grandmother is known throughout this area as a wonderful cook. Her cakes and pies have won blue ribbons at the county fair for years. They are almost impossible to recreate because she cooks by intuition. Her recipes (when you can actually get her to write it down) have phrases like ‘feels right’, ‘looks right’, and ‘tastes right’ in the directions.

One thing she makes that I vowed to ‘get right’ is her (Cast-Iron Skillet) Fried Potatoes. When I was a kid, she would make them with a big pot of beans. I was not at all interested in a big pot of beans, so I would make a meal out of the fried potatoes. And that was fine by me.

It has only 3 ingredients (potatoes, salt, & pepper). So the secret isn’t there. I’ve learned after many failed attempts that it’s the cast-iron skillet. And the tin foil lid. Genius.

(Cast-Iron Skillet) Fried Potatoes

Potato, one per person

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

Heat a little oil in the bottom of a cast iron skillet over medium heat.

Dice potatoes into 1″ squares.

Place potatoes in hot skillet. Season with salt & pepper. Cover pan with a lid made of tin foil. Fry/Steam potatoes for about 10 minutes.

Remove tin foil lid and continue to fry until browned and crispy.

*This photo was taken while camping over the weekend. I didn’t want you to worry that I have to cook over hot coals and a camp fire all the time. That’s just what I do for fun!?!  : )


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