Pretty Outdoor Candles

It’s getting sunny outside. It’s time to start planting. Grilling. Gardening. Eating dinner on the porch. The dreaded war with the buzzing pests will begin before we know it.

I was at a garden show this weekend and saw the most wonderful alternative concept for those ugly, smelly citronella candles. A vendor was selling essential oil citronella candles. And I had an idea. My sister and I have been mixing essential oils lately for perfume. It occurred to me I could do the same with a mosquito candle. It doesn’t have to smell so terrible to be effective. There are other known essential oil pest deterrents, like eucalyptus and lemon. So I bought a big slab of paraffin wax. Melted it and added a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood, and citronella essential oils. I also mixed in fresh rosemary and lavender for texture. I poured them in pretty little pots. They smell terrifically fresh! I think they’d make great little summertime gifts.

I haven’t made candles in years. But, it was truly just as simple as melting the wax, adding some scent, and pouring it into the mold. There has been a major brilliant invention of convenience since my high school candle-makin’ days. They are called melting bags. They are big, thick bags you put your wax in. Just drop the whole thing into boiling water and allow the wax to melt. They take the place of a double boiler. No scraping dried wax off your mom’s big pans! Just throw the bag away or keep it for your next candle venture. It took me about 30 minutes to make these little candles. With very little clean-up. Cute, huh.


2 Responses to “Pretty Outdoor Candles”

  1. Petuna Says:

    Aw, these candles are precious, and they probably smell heavenly too!
    Couldn’t find a melting bag though ):
    Will keep looking!

    • autumnkeeton Says:

      Thanks, they are smelling pretty great! I love your name, Miss Petuna! My grandmother (Ma-Ma) used to call me that. I found the melting bag at Hobby Lobby with all the candle making paraphernalia. I believe they were labeled just that, ‘melting bags’.

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