It’s That Thyme, Again.

Thyme is just the most wonderful little herb. It’s usability is vast; in my opinion right up there with garlic & onions. I use it with absolute immoderation; chicken, broths, soups, chowders, scrambled eggs, roasts, dinner roll doughs, almost everything.

Last year, around late October, an unexpected chill took my precious little seasoning gem that I kept outside my back door. The morning after the frost, I rushed outside and pulled the plant in. I nurtured and fertilized and pruned to no avail. She was gone. There was nothing I could do.

I have been using dried or buying outrageously expensive fresh thyme at the supermarket since. But finally, finally spring is here! I brought home a full, lush, beautiful little thyme plant this weekend. (The plant cost only $3… which is what the supermarket charges for each tiny little perishable package. Scoundrels!) I sniped the first sprig today. It’s exciting, momentous stuff here. I vow to keep the little dear protected indoors by a sunny kitchen window. And a backup (or two) outside in the garden. I suggest you save some cash and plant yourself one this spring. Not that you asked what I think you should plant in your own garden. I just know you are going to be making every single recipe I post here so you’ll need oodles of thyme!! : ) You wanna see my precious little plant? Ok. Here’s a photo.


One Response to “It’s That Thyme, Again.”

  1. Terri Cox Says:

    Hi Autumn! I love your blog! I wanted to let you know that I planted rosemary, thyme, basil, and flat leaf parsley last spring in my “drive way” garden, and surprisingly all of the herbs survived the winter except for the basil! My rosemary is huge! I have lots of extra when you need a few snips. Mmmm…some garlic rosemary roasted potatoes sound yummy!

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