Get Your Churn On…

It’s a sweltering 102° today. I’m not being dramatic. It was literally 102°.

We all screamed for ice cream.

I prefer a rich, thick, homemade custard ice cream. It is usually an egg, sugar, and cream mixture cooked over low heat to thicken. But, because of the heat, I am trying to avoid the evil heat of the stove. My mom makes a no-cook, no-nonsense custard ice cream that is very, very good! I decided to take my chances with raw eggs and make this ‘no-heat required’ version!

GiGi’s Homemade Ice Cream

If making plain vanilla ice cream, the addition of a small box of instant vanilla pudding ups the ante a bit.

6 whole fresh eggs

2 cups sugar

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1 cup cream

half & half or whole milk (or both)

optional additions: strawberries, crushed Butterfinger candy bars, chocolate chips, or whatever tickles your fancy

Beat eggs, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, cream, and sugar in a 6 Qt. ice cream maker.

Pour in half & half or whole milk (or a mixture of both) to about 3/4 full in the ice cream canister.

Stir in any optional add-ins.

Follow your ice cream maker’s instructions to make a yummy, rich & creamy batch of homemade ice cream!


One Response to “Get Your Churn On…”

  1. Janie Pollard Says:

    Autumn..this sounds yummy..gonna print out the recipe and add fresh peaches..they are ripe right now in the Valley and my son loves home made peach ices cream!Gonna go to Bend and see him Wednesday.
    Love ya…love your site!

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