Quick Egg Breakfast

I woke up a little early yesterday morning and thought I would be a nice little wife and make my husband breakfast and coffee before he left for work. June Cleaver would be proud!

While turning the egg for  this quick little breakfast sandwich I suddenly had the realization that in my very near future this task would no longer be a spur-of-the-moment nicety to amuse my husband, but one of the many daily responsibilities of a mom.

Breakfast. Everyday. Expected. From me. For the next 18 years.

In homage to all those breakfast-makin’-mommas out there I offer up a couple of quick eggy recipes to get your kiddo’s off to a tasty start.


1 slice of whole wheat bread


1 egg

salt and pepper

cheese, optional

Heat butter in a skillet. Press out and remove hole in the center of bread with a biscuit cutter or cookie cutter. Lay bread in skillet to toast. Immediately crack egg over hole. Toast for several minutes.

Turn bread to toast opposite side until golden brown. Salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle cheese over top of bread to melt.

Egg Sandwich

1 whole wheat english muffin

pat of butter

1 egg

1 slice cheese

couple of fresh spinach leaves

1 slice tomato

2 slices bacon, cooked crisp

Cook bacon until crisp. (I like to bake bacon. It’s easier for me. I always seem to get splattered by hot grease in the eye when frying it in a pan. And that’s no fun.So I just bake it – 400° for about 20 minutes until crispy.)

Heat a little butter in a skillet. Split and toast english muffins until golden brown.

Fry egg to your liking (We like the yolk a little runny).

Assemble sandwich. Layer spinach and tomato over bottom of muffin, then bacon, egg, and cheese. Top with other half of muffin. Dig in.


3 Responses to “Quick Egg Breakfast”

  1. john Says:

    I stumbled across this blog while looking for a different way to make chicken Parmesan which my kids want tonight. But Wow! There are so many simple and practical recipes here! Of course I’m swiping your chicken parm recipe, but I can hardly wait to make the pineapple quesedillas too… And I’m going to make egg-in-a-hole for me in the kids right now! Thanks for the recipes.

  2. mindy lacefield Says:

    my mouth is absolutely watering!! omg. i’m so excited for you and the bundle. i love your blog and need to subscribe. you rock girl…hugs!!!

  3. Retro Sweets Says:

    I love it that you’re sharing easy to make recipes. Just perfect for noobs like moi. :))

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