Long Time, Friend.


So I had that baby I was talking about. Remember that? Totally have him.

He’s 2. And 1/2.

He’s suddenly into movies. Like watching Lady and the Tramp all the way through with only one juice break. 

And. Thus. I. Am. Able. To. Be. Here. (!!!!!!!!!!)

I am so glad you are still over there doing your thing too!

Thanks from the bottom of my pee-pickin heart for being here reading this. (I do mean literally about that pee-pickin’ thing; my sister has planted plenty o’ veggies in her garden this year and I plan to partake o’plenty in the harvest.)

Anyway, love is in the air big time from me to you, darlin’ dear. I am so touched you are reading my silly little rant on food and recipes and life. In fact, since you’re here. I have something that’s been on my mind lately…

I had recently decided I was going to throw in the dieting towel. I was going to stop worrying about weight. About calories. About “bad” food. Stop feeling guilty that I wasn’t counting calories close enough, that I didn’t work out enough, that I wasn’t thin. I decided that being chubby is in my DNA. I have lost and gained and wished and prayed and ran and walked and still…I have more pudge than I prefer. 

I had decided this and stuck with that resolution for a few weeks until I read a blog called CanYouStayForDinner.com . It’s written by this beautiful, sweet faced young woman who has lost 135 lbs. (half her weight) and kept it off for 6 years.

It was in her DNA. She had wished and prayed and ran and walked and yet she, one day, made up her mind, maybe MADE UP HER MIND. is more appropriate, until she finished what she set her mind to. She didn’t stop until she hit her goal weight. She wrote she would ‘think, in fear, about never having a Hostess treat again’. Then realized all she had to do was not have a Hostess treat today. I loved that. I’m not that into Hostess treats, but I know what she means. I know what it’s like to be dieting and imagining a tower of wonderful creamy, buttery, gooey, crunchy treats that are going to be out of reach until this overwhelming amount of weight is lost. But, when you remember the more accurate truth: I only have to get through today- it’s manageable. I can get through this moment without ______.

So, You see where I’m going. I’m back on the bandwagon. Sort of. I’m on a quest to get a little fitter. Eat a little wiser. Be more mindful. Less negative self-talk. And get on a track that is healthy, but maintainable. I’ll be back to let you know how it’s going. 

And you know I’ll have recipes to post and talk about. That’s the fun part.

Thanks for listening/reading. You are the best.

See you soon,





2 Responses to “Long Time, Friend.”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I love you autumn Nicole Keeton Clements


    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Heather Says:

    Im so stoked your back!!! 🙂

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